Get To Know Us

Vision, Purpose, Core Values


To be a model and catalyst in the ABA creating opportunity for men to develop personally and achieve athletically, while providing a safe environment for fun-filled entertainment and competitive games for basketball lovers and fans.


To help men succeed in life through basketball, mentorship, and ministry.

Core Values

– Integrity

– Professionalism

– Fun and Safe Entertainment

– Community Engagement and Positive Impact

Our vision is to be a beacon of hope and light in our community by reaching men—caring more for these men as an individual than as a player. We aim to support our players on and off the court mentally and emotionally; to help build character. We look to help them succeed in life through basketball, mentorship, and ministry.

We are a catalyst, helping men achieve their dream by playing in next level leagues professionally. The Indiana Lyons is not only a source of positive sports entertainment but is a name that is associated with integrity, professionalism, and strength, providing a safe community for families. We believe a one-on-one personal relationship with our fans is important as we join together in our love for the game of basketball.

Through the ABA’s Indiana Lyons, we want to give our fans a different aspect of basketball, showing that the scoring opportunity is greater in our games giving them excitement, fun, and fast-paced, fan-friendly games.

We are, the Indiana Lyons.