Indiana Lyons Celebrates 3 Years; ABA Celebrates 20 Years

The American Basketball Association (ABA) today announced that the league will resume play and begin its 2020-2021 regular season on Saturday, November 7.  This season marks the 20th of the ABA’s history and the third in the history of the Indiana Lyons.

“This has indeed been a difficult period for all sports leagues and businesses,” stated ABA CEO Joe Newman. “But things are turning around rapidly, and it appears to us that our venues, mostly colleges, will be ready to host games and other activities.  We will adhere strictly to all health guidelines and those established by the various venues in which we play with no exceptions. 

“This has been one heck of a year so far. First COVID-19, then the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd.  Now hangings in Palmdale, CA and Manhattan, NY. I really hope we can put these things behind us and move forward with love for our people.  The lives of so many have been disrupted.”

Photo by Antonio Toppin / TOPP Level Photography

The Indiana Lyons enter into our third season in the North Central Region, being a part of the most diversified professional sports league in history (African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and women). It takes on a special meaning as we make strides towards resolving social issues and providing justice for all Americans. 

The Lyons posted a 14-8 season record in their inaugural season, qualifying for the ABA playoffs. Last season, the Lyons finished at 20-4 and ranked 8th in the nation out of more than 150 teams when COVID-19 cut the ABA postseason short.

The Lyons are active in the local community with their Kids Club, Books for Baskets, Bullies Are Cowards, and You Matter Stay In School Programs.

The sports world needs the ABA; fans in the North Central Region (Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, and Indiana) need the ABA with our exciting basketball at affordable prices. 

The ABA is more than words.  It personifies what our country should be: equality, opportunity, inclusion, brotherhood, diversity and treating people fairly with dignity and respect regardless of race. We all have a responsibility to our communities as team owners and community leaders.  All North Central Division teams as well as ABA teams across the country should stand strong and in unity to help bring people together.  

The ABA is the largest professional sports league in the U.S. with well over 150 teams competing, following the largest expansion ever to over 175 teams for 2020-2021 season. 

Let us all do our part to make an impact as a united group of owners and also make such an impact that it will help bring that equality and unity to our surrounding areas.  Let us be a voice in each community. 

Photo by Antonio Toppin / TOPP Level Photography

We all have local influence to evoke change.  Think of what we all can do as a leader in our community to help heal the pain that people have felt over the past few months.  We can share those ideas with people we are connected to, asking them to do the same.

Working together, great change can take place and together we can create a solution by overcoming the issues we now face. It is important for everyone to stand up and be a part of the change and not a part of the problem.

One person does not have the answer; however, together we can make steps moving in a positive direction. Community leaders need to be more involved with our local police.

The community needs to attend weekly and monthly city council meetings and community leaders need to have weekly meetings with police so we can move in the direction of policing our own communities.

Each city is a diverse city with all races; however, we do not see diversity in our politics or police departments. We see a huge economic and social gap that must change,

There is a lot of work to be done and change starts within each of us. We need you! Your community needs you! This country needs you! You are all loved, and that same love will heal the land!!!

The Lyons are planning around COVID-19 for our third season that begins in November. Please contact Beverly Jinkins at for information about promoting your organization or sponsorship.


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