All-Time Results

Franchise Records

Most Points Scored in a Game247Nov. 23, 2019Buckhannon BearsLyons Den
Fewest Points Scored in a Game74Feb. 6, 2021Steel City Yellow JacketsLyons Den
Most Points Allowed in a Game158Dec. 29, 2018St. Louis SpiritsLyons Den
Fewest Points Allowed in a Game48Nov. 23, 2019Buckhannon BearsLyons Den
Largest Margin of Victory in a Game199Nov. 23, 2019Buckhannon BearsLyons Den
Fewest Points Scored in a Win83Feb. 20, 2021St. Louis SpiritsLyons Den
Most Points Scored in a Loss146Dec. 29, 2018St. Louis SpiritsLyons Den
Most Consecutive Wins112019-20
Most Consecutive Losses42018-19
Most Total Wins in a Season202019-20
Most Total Losses in a Season92018-19

Wins-Losses, Home-Road Splits

Head CoachRegular Season WinsRegular Season LossesPct.Postseason WinsPostseason LossesPct.Total WinsTotal LossesPct.
Wes Messer, 2018250.286000.000250.286
Tyrone Brown, 2018-2140110.784220.50042130.764
Jamarr Keglar, 2021-1770.708210.6671980.704
Head Coaching Statistics

2018-19 Regular Season

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Nov. 3, 2018Indiana LyonsTeam NetworkW 104-97Lyons 1-0click here
Nov. 4, 2018Cleveland BlazersIndiana LyonsL 115-121Blazers 1-0click here
Nov. 10, 2018Indiana LyonsChicago FuryW 120-118Lyons 1-0click here
Nov. 17, 2018Indiana LyonsCleveland BlazersL 109-113Blazers 2-0click here
Nov. 24, 2018Indiana LyonsChicago KnightsL 76-90Knights 1-0click here
Nov. 25, 2018Indiana LyonsW. MI Lake HawksL 88-100Lake Hawks 1-0click here
Dec. 1, 2018Indiana LyonsSouth Bend MonarchsL 111-113Monarchs 1-0click here
Dec. 15, 2018South Bend MonarchsIndiana LyonsW 107-95Tied 1-1click here
Dec. 29, 2018Indiana LyonsSt. Louis SpiritsL 146-158Spirits 1-0click here
Jan. 5, 2019Akron AviatorsIndiana LyonsW 112-89Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 12, 2019Chicago FuryIndiana LyonsL 109-119Tied 1-1click here
Jan. 13, 2019Windy City GrooveIndiana LyonsW 110-109Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 19, 2019St. Louis SpiritsIndiana LyonsL 105-119Spirits 2-0click here
Jan. 20, 2019Indiana LyonsVipers Pro BasketballW 168-129Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 26, 2019Indiana LyonsHenderson HoopersW 169-82Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 27, 2019Indiana LyonsChicago FuryW 116-105Lyons 2-1click here
Feb. 2, 2019Indiana LyonsAkron AviatorsW 124-111Lyons 2-0click here
Feb. 9, 2019Indiana LyonsIllinois BulldogsW 113-98Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 17, 2019Indiana LyonsHenderson HoopersW 150-92Lyons 2-0click here
Feb. 23, 2019Indiana LyonsMissouri CapitalsW 137-125Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 24, 2019W. MI Lake HawksIndiana LyonsW 125-118Tied 1-1click here
Mar. 2, 2019Indiana LyonsTeam NetworkW 155-110Lyons 2-0click here
Regular Season
Head Coach
Wes Messer (2-5)
Head Coach
Tyrone Brown (12-3)
Most Points Scored169
Fewest Pts. Scored76
Most Pts. Allowed158
Fewest Pts. Allowed82
Longest Win Streak9

2018-19 Postseason

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Mar. 9, 2019Indiana LyonsSouth Bend MonarchsL 116-123Monarchs 2-1click here

2019-20 Regular Season

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Nov. 2, 2019Cleveland BlazersIndiana LyonsL 129-139Blazers 3-0click here
Nov. 3, 2019Akron AviatorsIndiana LyonsW 108-102Lyons 3-0click here
Nov. 9, 2019Indiana LyonsIllinois BulldogsW 125-85Lyons 2-0click here
Nov. 10, 2019Indiana LyonsTeam NetworkW 123-114Lyons 3-0
Nov. 16, 2019Missouri CapitalsIndiana LyonsW 118-88Lyons 2-0click here
Nov. 17, 2019St. Louis SpiritsIndiana LyonsL 129-140Spirits 3-0click here
Nov. 23, 2019Indiana LyonsBuckhannon BearsW 247-48Lyons 1-0click here
Nov. 24, 2019Indiana LyonsAkron AviatorsW 116-92Lyons 4-0click here
Dec. 1, 2019Indiana LyonsChicago FuryW 106-101Lyons 3-1click here
Dec. 7, 2019Indiana LyonsMissouri CapitalsW 95-89Lyons 3-0click here
Dec. 8, 2019Indiana LyonsIllinois PanthersW 110-79Lyons 1-0click here
Dec. 14, 2019Indiana LyonsChicago AngelsL 92-93Angels 1-0click here
Dec. 15, 2019Indiana LyonsNaptown ProsW 106-87Lyons 1-0click here
Dec. 21, 2019Indiana LyonsVipers Pro BasketballW 137-101Lyons 2-0click here
Dec. 22, 2019Indiana LyonsCleveland BlazersW 112-92Blazers 3-1click here
Jan. 4, 2020Indiana LyonsSt. Louis SpiritsW 112-106Spirits 3-1click here
Jan. 11, 2020Naptown ProsIndiana LyonsW 138-114Lyons 2-0click here
Jan. 12, 2020Vipers Pro BasketballIndiana LyonsW 102-98Lyons 3-0click here
Jan. 18, 2020Ohio KingsIndiana LyonsW 122-112Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 19, 2020Indiana LyonsNaptown ProsW 127-66Lyons 3-0
Feb. 15, 2020Indiana LyonsOhio KingsW 112-88Lyons 2-0click here
Feb. 18, 2020Indiana LyonsShizuoka GymratsW 152-90Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 29, 2020Indiana LyonsLouisville DieselW 121-104Lyons 1-0
Mar. 7, 2020Chicago FuryIndiana LyonsL 95-110Lyons 3-2
Regular Season
Head Coach
Tyrone Brown (20-4)
Most Points Scored247
Fewest Pts. Scored92
Most Pts. Allowed140
Fewest Pts. Allowed48
Longest Win Streak11

2019-20 Postseason

ABA Playoffs cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

2020-21 Regular Season

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Jan. 9, 2021Indiana LyonsOhio BruinsW 91-89Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 16, 2021Indiana LyonsMidwest GuardiansW 106-103Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 23, 2021Midwest GuardiansIndiana LyonsL 98-107Tied 1-1click here
Jan. 24, 2021Indiana LyonsChi-Town RebelsW 118-110Lyons 1-0click here
Jan. 30, 2021Indiana LyonsKind Soul BobcatsW 107-104Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 6, 2021Indiana LyonsSteel City Yellow JacketsL 74-121Jackets 1-0click here
Feb. 13, 2021Indiana LyonsChicago FuryL 91-95Tied 3-3click here
Feb. 20, 2021Indiana LyonsSt. Louis SpiritsW 83-67Spirits 3-2click here
Feb. 27, 2021Midwest FalconsIndiana LyonsL 75-83Falcons 1-0
Mar. 6, 2021Indiana LyonsOhio BruinsW 108-107Lyons 2-0click here
Mar. 7, 2021Indiana LyonsMidwest FalconsW 108-78Tied 1-1click here
Mar. 13, 2021Indiana LyonsChi-Town RebelsW 103-98Lyons 2-0click here
Regular Season
Head Coach
Tyrone Brown (8-4)
Most Points Scored118
Fewest Pts. Scored74
Most Pts. Allowed121
Fewest Pts. Allowed67
Longest Win Streak3

2020-21 Postseason

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Mar. 20, 2021Indiana LyonsOhio BruinsW 107-102Lyons 3-0
Mar. 21, 2021Indiana LyonsMidwest GuardiansW 121-114Lyons 2-1click here
April 16, 2021Chicago FuryIndiana LyonsL 120-134Fury 4-3click here

2021-22 Regular Season

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Nov. 6, 2021Indiana LyonsOhio BruinsW 111-101Lyons 4-0click here
Nov. 13, 2021Indiana LyonsMissouri CapitalsW 137-113Lyons 4-0click here
Nov. 20, 2021Indiana LyonsRiver City GamblersW 135-119Lyons 1-0click here
Nov. 21, 2021Indiana LyonsMidwest FalconsW 128-87Lyons 2-1click here
Dec. 4, 2021Indiana LyonsMusic City JazzW 110-109Lyons 1-0click here
Dec. 11, 2021Indiana LyonsClarksville PhoenixW 110-106Lyons 1-0click here
Dec. 12, 2021Ohio BruinsIndiana LyonsL 104-127Lyons 4-1click here
Dec. 18, 2021Missouri CapitalsIndiana LyonsL 107-109Lyons 4-1
Dec. 19, 2021River City GamblersIndiana LyonsL 124-126Tied 1-1
Jan. 8, 2022Indiana LyonsVipers Pro BasketballW 147-80Lyons 4-0click here
Jan. 9, 2022Ohio KingsIndiana LyonsL 107-117Lyons 2-1click here
Jan. 15, 2022Indiana LyonsChi-Town RebelsW 141-101Lyons 3-0click here
Jan. 16, 2022Indiana LyonsSt. Louis SpiritsW 2-0Tied 3-3forfeit
Jan. 22, 2022Midwest FalconsIndiana LyonsW 129-109Lyons 3-1click here
Jan. 23, 2022Indiana LyonsBurning River BucketsW 92-87Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 6, 2022Indiana LyonsOhio KingsL 104-110Tied 2-2click here
Feb. 12, 2022Indiana LyonsBeaver County IndiansW 157-93Lyons 1-0click here
Feb. 19, 2022Indiana LyonsIllinois BulldogsW 127-93Lyons 3-0click here
Feb. 20, 2022Indiana LyonsClarksville PhoenixL 100-113Tied 1-1click here
Feb. 26, 2022Music City JazzIndiana LyonsW 111-106Lyons 2-0
Feb. 27, 2022Clarksville PhoenixIndiana LyonsL 97-107Phoenix 2-1
Mar. 5, 2022Indiana LyonsChicago KnightsW 101-91Tied 1-1click here
Mar. 6, 2022Indiana LyonsChi-Town RebelsW 130-79Lyons 4-0click here
Mar. 12, 2022Indiana LyonsNaptown ProsW 143-98Lyons 4-0
Regular Season
Head Coach
Jamarr Keglar (17-7)
Most Points Scored157
Fewest Pts. Scored92
Most Pts. Allowed127
Fewest Pts. Allowed79
Longest Win Streak6

2021-22 Postseason

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Mar. 18, 2022Indiana LyonsMissouri CapitalsW 125-97Lyons 5-1click here
Mar. 19, 2022Clarksville PhoenixIndiana LyonsW 98-87Tied 2-2click here
Mar. 20, 2022Music City JazzIndiana LyonsL 90-93Lyons 2-1click here

2022-23 Regular Season

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats
Nov. 5, 2022Indiana LyonsMissouri CapitalsLyons 5-1click here
Nov. 12, 2022Kentucky CardinalsIndiana Lyons0-0click here
Nov. 19, 2022Indiana LyonsClarksville PhoenixTied 2-2click here
Nov. 20, 2022Indiana LyonsBurning River BucketsLyons 1-0click here
Dec. 3, 2022Indiana LyonsKentucky Cardinals0-0click here
Dec. 10, 2022Indiana LyonsChi-Town RebelsLyons 4-0click here
Dec. 11, 2022Indiana LyonsOhio KingsTied 2-2click here
Dec. 17, 2022Indiana LyonsMusic City JazzLyons 2-1click here
Jan. 7, 2023Burning River BucketsIndiana LyonsLyons 1-0click here
Jan. 8, 2023Ohio BruinsIndiana LyonsLyons 4-1click here
Jan. 14, 2023Indiana LyonsCarbondale Skulls0-0click here
Jan. 15, 2023Ohio KingsIndiana LyonsTied 2-2click here
Jan. 21, 2023Indiana LyonsBeaver County IndiansLyons 1-0click here
Jan. 28, 2023Clarksville PhoenixIndiana LyonsTied 2-2click here
Jan. 29, 2023Music City JazzIndiana LyonsLyons 2-1click here
Feb. 4, 2023Missouri CapitalsIndiana LyonsLyons 5-1click here
Feb. 5, 2023St. Louis SpiritsIndiana LyonsTied 3-3click here
Feb. 11, 2023Indiana LyonsChicago FuryFury 4-3click here
Feb. 18, 2023Carbondale SkullsIndiana Lyons0-0click here
Feb. 19, 2023Indiana LyonsSt. Louis SpiritsTied 3-3click here
Feb. 25, 2023Indiana LyonsGary Sun-Rays0-0click here
Mar. 4, 2023Indiana LyonsOhio BruinsLyons 4-1click here
Regular Season
Head Coach
Jamarr Keglar (0-0)
Most Points Scored
Fewest Pts. Scored
Most Pts. Allowed
Fewest Pts. Allowed
Longest Win Streak

2022-23 Postseason

DateHomeAwayScoreSeriesGame Stats