Game Report-February 24, 2019

Indiana Lyons 125 WI Michigan Lake Hawks 118

Game Report-February 23, 2019

Indiana Lyons 137 Missouri Capitals 125

Game Report-February 17, 2019

Indiana Lyons 150 Henderson Hooper’s 92

Game Report-February 10, 2019

Indiana Lyons 141 Indy Show 115

Game Report-February 9, 2019

Indiana Lyons 113 Illinois bulldogs 98

Game Report-December 29, 2018

St. Louis Spirits 158 Vs. Indiana Lyons 146

Final OT

I just want to compliment Tyrone and his staff.  They have a beautiful facility that I think is perfect for a growing ABA franchise.  They had a great energetic crowd, but most of all, the staff and operations were the epitome of professionalism.

Tom:  David and the officials did a great job also.  We didn’t agree on every call but I really appreciate the way that they communicated and managed the game.

The Lyons set the bar very high for us to reciprocate when they come to STL.

Game Report – December 16, 2018

St. Louis Spirits 171 Vs. Henderson Hoopers 73


I must say again that William Forrest and the Henderson Hoopers were great sportsmen (especially after taking 2 tough losses).  These guys are a class organization and I am looking forward to working with them in the future to become a stronger ABA team.

Damon Cannon

In the Indiana Lyons victory over Team Network November 3rd 104 to 97, the team was led in scoring by William Pugh who finished with 38 points 11 rebounds and 2 steals, followed by Jaelan Manson’s 27 points 10 rebounds and 4 steals, and Cody Young chipped in with 14 points and 13 rebounds.

In the loss to the Cleveland Blaze on November 4rd, the Indiana Lyons were led by William Pugh with 25 points, Jaelan Manson’s 17 points and Johnny Scruggs 11 points