ABA Midwest Region Standings for Dec. 20

The Scoop on the ABA Midwest Region standings, brought to you by Danville Dips.

This weekend’s scores in the ABA’s Midwest Region:

Music City Jazz 133, Atlanta Rappers 107
Missouri Capitals 109, Indiana Lyons 107
KC Sizzlers 109, Clarksville Phoenix 97
River City Gamblers 126, Indiana Lyons 124
Clarksville Phoenix 104, KC Sizzlers 86

This weekend’s win-loss records:

Music City Jazz (1-0)
Missouri Capitals (1-0)
River City Gamblers (1-0)
Clarksville Phoenix (1-1)
KC Sizzlers (1-1)
Indiana Lyons (0-2)
St. Louis Spirits appear to have been idle.

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