Subscribe to Indiana Lyons on YouTube!

The Indiana Lyons are switching from Facebook Live to YouTube for livestreaming home and away games, and in order for us to do this, we need 1,000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel.

We need EVERYONE to subscribe and to urge all your friends and family to subscribe, too!

Why not stick with Facebook Live, you ask? Because video viewership numbers on Facebook clearly show that we are not reaching our fans. Many of our fans don’t have or use Facebook.
It also requires a tremendous amount of time and effort to prepare for and execute a livestream. For away games, it’s very costly (fuel, hotel, food, time away from family, time off work during the playoffs). When the Facebook viewership is so low, it’s simply not worth it. Thus the move away from Facebook Live.
Our hope is that YouTube will allow us to reach a much broader and larger audience. We think the 1,000-subscriber threshold is going to be a good way to gauge interest in continued livestreams of our games. If we can get 1,000 subscribers by Nov, 4, 2022, that shows interest. If not, that tells us to focus our time and efforts elsewhere.
So use the hyperlink above or the QR code below to get to our channel, and subscribe now!
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