Indiana Lyons Introduce Lyons Pride +

The 2022-23 American Basketball Association (ABA) Champion Indiana Lyons have unveiled a new premium content feature through their website, which provides fans access to a wide variety of exclusive content all year round: Lyons Pride +.

Purple Membership to Lyons Pride + is $99.99 per year, and the team does post content year-round, even during the offseason. Billed annually, the Purple Membership averages out to just $8.33 per month.

Teal Membership to Lyons Pride + is $19.99 per month. It provides fans with the exact same access as that of the Purple Membership but is designed for those who are more comfortable taking things one month at a time.

Memberships to Lyons Pride + are payable online by credit card or PayPal during the registration process. Both memberships renew automatically until the customer cancels their membership through their online account overview profile.

Game Videos Now on Lyons Pride +

Members of Lyons Pride + will enjoy post-production videos of all preseason and regular season Indiana Lyons games, including graphics and play-by-play and color commentary by Eric Ivie and Jim Holtsclaw, whether the games are played at home in the Lyons Den or on the road. Eric and Jim travel with the team on road trips.

Post-production game videos are generally posted within 24 hours of the game’s conclusion.

The Lyons will also record all postseason games as allowed by the ABA (recall, however, that the team was prohibited from doing so by the league during the 2022-23 Final Eight in Missouri on their way to the championship, so keep that in mind).

The Lyons do not broadcast their games live, and the team will no longer be posting post-production game videos to YouTube until the season is over.

Why are Game Videos not Free Anymore?

“Our game videos are simply too valuable to just give away for free anymore,” said Indiana Lyons co-owner and CEO Tyrone Brown. “Our coaches and players work too hard to allow the fruits of their labor to be seen for free by people who have never and will never come to our games, by opponents who wish to scout us, and by casual viewers on YouTube from around the world. Advertisers are also benefitting from our free videos by YouTube placing their ads in our videos without any benefit to the players who are performing their craft in those videos.”

Proceeds from Lyons Pride + subscriptions will go toward travel expenses, team operations, and other means of supporting the Indiana Lyons players. The Lyons’ ownership collects no profit since they put all proceeds right back into the organization, and the Lyons’ staff is made up entirely of unpaid volunteers.

“Each video is also a product of many hours of work and of intellectual property that Eric and Jim are donating to the Lyons for the team’s benefit,” continued Brown. “We’re doing Eric and Jim, our other volunteers, our players, our coaches, and our organization a disservice and rendering their efforts meaningless by giving those videos away for free.”

As the franchise evolves and enters its sixth season, the exposure to the team gained by free game videos has become stagnant and has been dwarfed by the exposure that has resulted from the Indiana Lyons becoming ABA Champions. Free game videos no longer serve any purpose, and Lyons Pride + allows the team full control of their own media without any advertisements that aren’t purchased by Lyons sponsors and partners.

Other Benefits of Lyons Pride +

In addition to game videos, members of Lyons Pride + will have exclusive access to team and player statistics throughout the season, premium written and video content, coupons for savings at the Lyons Den on game days, and more goodies as the platform is further developed.

Lyons Pride + is run entirely through the Lyons’ website by the Lyons organization, and by subscribing to the new service and logging in, fans can view everything at without any interruption.

Fans who are not subscribed to Lyons Pride + can still access plenty of free content at The Lyons’ schedule, ticket information, basic player profiles, and some written content will still be available for free.

Subscribe to Lyons Pride + Today!

Whether you’re a fan who comes to every game or an out-of-town fan, you’ll enjoy the premium content of Lyons Pride +. Take your status in the Lyons Pride a step further, join the hunt, and subscribe today to Lyons Pride + by clicking here!

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