Indiana Lyons Trading Cards Available for Purchase

The Indiana Lyons continue the celebration of their 2022-23 ABA Championship by issuing limited edition trading cards! We have one — and only one — limited supply of these championship cards, and when we’re out, we’re out. So don’t delay in ordering your sets or individual cards now!

These cards are standard size (2.5 inches x 3.5 inches), full color on both sides, with a glossy finish. They look and feel like any other trading card you might have for any other sports league. There are a total of 12 different cards, one each for every member of the Indiana Lyons who brought the first ABA Championship back home to the Hoosier State since the 1973 Indiana Pacers.

The front of each card features an action photo taken by TOPP Level Entertainment, along with the player’s name, position, and jersey number. On the back of each card, that player’s headshot plus information about him.

These cards are perfect for collecting, framing, putting into a scrapbook, having each guy autograph them, and holding on to for a keepsake of this incredible season!

(Sadly, for the old-schoolers, these cards do not come with a stick of tasteless, stale gum that turns to concrete on the second chew… Sorry…)

Shut Up and Take My Money!!

  • Individual cards: 50 cents per card. So if you’re Tee Williams’ biggest fan, you can order 20 Tee Williams cards for 50 cents a piece if you’d like.
  • Full set of 12: $5 per set. Save a buck from buying them individually, and have a set of one card of each of the 12 players.

On the order form below, if you’re purchasing a full set, you’re getting one card of every player. So unless you want ADDITIONAL cards of a particular player or two, that’s all that you need to order.

All payments must be made to $indianalyons on CashApp.

Gimme gimme gimme!!

We’re offering three (3) different ways to get your hands on these cards, since we’re in the off-season, and we know that we have fans, friends, and families of our players all over the country (and, maybe, the world).

Pick Them Up

First option is free. You can pick them up at the main office of Hendricks County Parks & Recreation, located at 955 E. Main Street in Danville, right across the street from Hendricks Regional Health, and next door to the National Guard Armory and the Hendricks County Jail. They are open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Please give us one (1) business day from the time we receive your online order and payment to have them at the office. We cannot accept walk-ins and do not have any cards on-site.

Have them delivered in Hendricks County

Second option is delivery to an address in Hendricks County, Indiana. Residence, business, we don’t care. Just has to be in Hendricks County. This service costs $2 per order because hey….gasoline ain’t free, and our delivery volunteer needs a little somethin’ somethin’ to put gas in the tank, right?

We gotta lay down some ground rules, so please read carefully.

Public brick-and-mortar businesses during their normal business hours are fine.

However, if this is a residence where you’re having the cards delivered, you MUST have a publicly-accessible mailbox on the street. That’s where your cards will be delivered. Locked mailboxes, mailboxes on the front porch, going through security gates, apartment complexes, P.O. boxes, meeting in a parking lot somewhere, addresses that don’t actually exist, huge rabid dogs guarding the mailbox, half-mile-long driveways into the woods, dark alleys, rickety haunted houses out in the middle of nowhere, white panel vans with no windows, anything like any of that….nope. Select option #3 instead.

Look, we’re not saying that YOU’RE a psychopath, but we can all admit that this world is a crazy place, yes? And bad guys are always looking for prey, yes? And we need all of our volunteers back and in one piece for next season, yes? And if we have to send Lleon and Jackson out to retrieve our volunteers, it’s gonna turn into a whole big thing….it’ll probably be like a John Wick movie, blood and guts everywhere, people crying and screaming, broken bodies of bad guys all over the streets, lots of paperwork, and… know what? Let’s just avoid that whole scenario. If our delivery volunteers can’t just drive up, put your cards in your mailbox from the safety of their vehicle, and drive away, please pick option #3 and save us all from the hassle.

(In all seriousness, if our volunteers feel even remotely unsafe, they’ve been instructed not to deliver, and then we’ll reach out to you to figure out another option. We really appreciate your understanding.)

All orders will be processed and delivered within one (1) business day of receiving your online order and payment.

Mail ’em

Third option is mail delivery. For all U.S. mail addresses, that option is $5.50 per order. Your cards will be packaged with protection specifically designed for mailing trading cards and mailed in a weather-resistant purple bubble mailer.

For international addresses, holler at us at and we’ll check on international postage rates and get back with you. Off the top of our heads, we can’t tell you how much it costs to mail something to South Antarctica or to Eastern Timbuktu, so we’ll have to do some research.

All orders will be processed and mailed within one (1) business day of receiving your online order and payment.

Fair enough?

Let’s get ordering!

Order Form


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