Indiana Lyons Use AI to Imagine Other Teams

Our graphics guy has been playing around with AI this season, using it for a variety of images that we use in a variety of places. Recently, he caught the creative bug and started imagining mascots for other teams around the American Basketball Association (ABA), choosing teams whose names inspired him.

That led to a couple of requests by teams, including one team from a different league. And he finished it up with a gift to the Lyons’ friends in the TBL, the Kokomo Bobkats.

These images are free to swipe, steal, download, and use wherever you want to. They’re gifts to the featured teams. It’d be nice if you’d credit Indiana Lyons when you post or share each image.

Want one for your team? For custom work requests, please contact Tyrone Brown at to discuss pricing and coordination with our graphics guy.

Here’s what our graphics guy came up with during his creative outburst:

North Alabama War Dawgs of the ABA.

Mississippi Silverbacks of the ABA.

Providence Pirates of the ABA.

Atlanta Aliens of the ABA.

Indiana Shuckers of the IBL Pro-Am. The Shuckers plan to enter the ABA in the 2024-25 season. This piece was done by request.

New York Hoop Dragons of the ABA.

Western Oklahoma Bulls of the ABA.

Houston Red Storm of the ABA.

Vegas Royals of the ABA.

Silicon Valley Panthers of the ABA.

413 Elite of the ABA. 413 Elite hail from Springfield, MA. The area code there is 413. This piece was done by request.

Massachusetts Wolves of the ABA. This piece was done by request.

Kokomo Bobkats of the TBL.

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