Guest Broadcasting Opportunities for Visiting Teams in Red Division Championship Weekend

Hey, Clarksville Phoenix, Ohio Kings and Nashville Aces fans! Want to join our broadcast crew for half of your respective ABA Central Region Red Division Championship Weekend semifinal games to tell the world about your team during our live streams? No experience needed! Simply slap one of our headsets on and join our play-by-play commentator in broadcasting the game live on YouTube for all to see! Don’t worry about all the electronics and computer stuff — we’ve got that covered.
We want YOU to add some fan flavor to our broadcasts for your fans back home! Talk about your favorite players and why you like them! Give the audience fun facts about your team and players! Tell everyone about big games or plays throughout your season! Promote your team! This is a great opportunity for someone who has been tempted to call basketball games or do some sort of sports broadcasting but needs a nudge or an opportunity and to not have to worry about equipment and how everything works. Tweens, teens, adults…any are welcome!
Some housekeeping items:
πŸŽ™ Are you interested? Great! Contact YOUR HOME TEAM to express your interest. They may have several interested people to choose from, they probably have their own professional standards that they want upheld, and they’ll want to be able to trust you to represent their organization well. When each team has chosen a representative, have them email us at to let us know!
πŸŽ™ Visiting team will get the first half of the game. Home team will get the second half of the game. In the event that one team doesn’t choose a representative, you may have the opportunity to do the entire game with us if you want! (Otherwise, we can cover it. No pressure.)
πŸŽ™ No profanity. At all. Our broadcasts are designed for all ages, including kids, to enjoy.
πŸŽ™ Be nice. Hey, we get it. Emotions are high. Some teams don’t like other teams. That’s sports for ya. But you’re here to promote your own team, not to disparage any other team, especially your team’s opponent in any given game.
πŸŽ™ Have fun and don’t worry about making mistakes! Have you heard our broadcasting crew?? They make mistakes all the time! It’s part of the experience! Our play-by-play announcer will help you through it (and he’s the champion of making mistakes!) and not leave you hanging, so don’t feel like you need to carry the load. You’re serving as a color commentator, so talk when you want to and don’t talk when you don’t want to.
πŸŽ™ We have the ability to end this experience at any time, including mid-game, should there be a repeated or egregious problem with profanity or disparaging other teams. Both are a big deal. This is supposed to be fun for everyone.
πŸŽ™ On the flip side, if things go well, and we’re groovin’ together, you might be asked back for part of the Red Division Championship Game if your team advances to it!
πŸŽ™ The chosen guest announcer for each team gets FREE admission to all the playoffs games all weekend long! πŸŽŸπŸ†“
Sound fun? Excellent! Contact your home team, and we hope to broadcast with you in Danville!

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